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Commercial & Industrial Construction and Maintenance
Established in 1996, we are an independently-owned general engineering contractor, specializing in electrical contracting to both commercial and industrial customers. From large contracts to specialized service work, we provide personal service and quality craftsmanship. We deliver efficient, effective and economic solutions to problems facing our clients. Our full-time crew of highly trained union electricians and laborers use state-of-the-art equipment to serve San Francisco Bay Area and national commercial, industrial and mixed-use clients.


BASS Electric has focused on providing ‘green energy’ solutions before these terms became household words. Our energy management services reduce power costs and carbon footprints.

  • Energy-efficient & Cost-saving Electrical Installation
    From lighting upgrades to state-of-the-art, custom-design electrical systems, BASS strives to provide clean, safe and renewable energy options to our customers.
  • Commercial Solar Installation
    BASS employs state-of-the art technology to design and install cost-saving solar projects for commercial and governmental customers.
  • BASS Electric is a SunPower distributor.


BASS’ facility services are designed to reduce risk of electrical fire, property damage, and business interruptions.

  • Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Program
    BASS Electric partners with TEGG to provide enhanced electrical distribution system maintenance and asset management. The electrical preventative maintenance program applies to all property types, which include data centers, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, government buildings, and commercial and industrial structures.

      • Infrared thermography
      • De-energized services
      • Voltage & current diagnostics
      • Power quality
      • Ultrasonic service
      • Electronic documentation

    BASS Electric also partners with QHi Group to help companies predict and prevent electrical distribution system failures by using Exertherm™ infrared thermal monitoring equipment. The system specifically is designed to provide continuous 24/7 thermal monitoring of mission critical equipment, detecting and identifying the exact location of the problem long before failure. The Exertherm™ System provides:
      • Ability to monitor cable / busbar joints with pre-set (user definable) alarms
      • Ongoing trend analysis allows detection of problems at an early stage of development
      • Increased device reliability and uptime due to avoided downtime & better maintenance
      • Improved operator and facility safety (Arc Flash)
      • Integrated real-time data to BMS/SCADA: 24×7, 365 days a year
      • Definable thermal map when combined with load data
      • More information about Exertherm.
  • Commercial Solar Maintenance Programs
    BASS Electric offers a turnkey solar operations and maintenance program that ensures safe solar power installations to deliver reliable power at peak efficiency over the lifetime of the system. The comprehensive program allows companies to budget for future upkeep at a fixed price. Programs typically include:

      • Cleaning and maintaining PV solar panels
      • Infrared testing and inspection of components, including the combiner / re-combiner boxes, switches, inverters, and disconnect switches
      • Conducting preventive maintenance
      • Visually inspecting mechanical elements
      • Maintaining an active inventory list of all components to expedite repair and replacement.
  • Arc Flash Studies
    Arc Flash Coordination Studies (or Arc Flash Hazard Analysis) are a crucial part of creating a safe and reliable power supply for data centers, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and any organization with large amounts of switch gear and electrical equipment. Arc Flash Studies should occur every 3-4 years to maintain equipment properly and to comply changes to OSHA regulations.

      • More info about Arc Flash Studies.
      • An article from the NFPA about OSHA Safety Requirements, “Know what you’re getting into to protect against arc flash hazard.”