The Exerthermâ„¢ system uses patented, small, plastic-housed, lifetime calibrated, non-contact Infrared sensors which require no external power & can be permanently installed INSIDE electrical switchgear panels to continuously monitor key busbar terminations, delivering real-time Delta T temperature measurement.

Exerthermâ„¢ 24×7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring is a different and completely unique form of IR inspection and is now being increasingly recognized & adopted as the new ‘Best Practice’ technology & solution for mission critical facilities due to its significant & tangible benefits over traditional thermal imaging technology.

The Exerthermâ„¢ System provides:

  • Ability to monitor cable / busbar joints with pre-set (user definable) alarms
  • Ongoing trend analysis allows detection of problems at an early stage of development
  • Increased device reliability and uptime due to avoided downtime & better maintenance
  • Improved operator and facility safety (Arc Flash)
  • Integrated real-time data to BMS/SCADA 24×7 365 days a year
  • Definable thermal map when combined with load data

More info about Exertherm.

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