What is Arc Flash
A life threatening electrical arc event can happen when a powered-on piece of electrical equipment is opened for maintenance or repair.

What causes Arc Flash

  • Improper tools
  • Poor work techniques
  • Inadequate maintenance of repair

Reasons for Arc Flash Studies
Arc flash studies are a crucial part of creating a safe and reliable power supply for data centers, manufacturers, health care facilities and any organization with large amounts of switch gear and electrical equipment. A detailed analysis should include:

  • When any changes have taken place with the electrical system, including the utility and distribution systems
  • When short circuit and protective device coordination analysis has not been carried out in 5-6 years
  • When your insurance policy falls under a renewal period

Arc flash studies should occur every 3-4 years to maintain equipments properly and meet changes to OSHA regulations.

Benefits of an Arc Flash Study

  • Increase in personal safety
  • Increase in operational efficiency of a facility and decrease in the amount of down time
  • Prevention of arc flash electrical incidents
  • Proper maintenance and protection of equipment
  • Reduction in accidents and related damages.

BASS Electric performs arc flash studies to save lives and ensure smooth operations:

  • Label each piece of equipment with a safety rating
  • Make sure all future maintenance and repair crews understand the proper level of personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary
  • Reduce hazards and increase up time.