Founded in 1996, Bay Area Systems & Solutions, Inc.—BASS Electric—is a California-licensed general engineering, commercial electrical and commercial solar contractor. We provide innovative and dynamic energy solutions to select local, national, and international clients.

BASS specializes in providing uninterrupted, clean energy to growing commercial and industrial clients—from electrical construction and energy cost management programs, to green energy solutions and solar installation and maintenance programs.

Electrical Construction
  • Electrical construction
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Commercial tenant improvements
  • Runway, taxiway, and centerline lights
  • Value engineering
Green Energy
  • Energy-efficiency and cost-saving commercial electrical installations
  • Commercial solar design build and system installations
  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • Charging station installation
  • A SunPower distributor
Facility Services
  • Predictive and proactive electrical hazard detection and maintenance programs: TEGG & Exertherm™ System
  • Commercial solar maintenance programs
  • Arc Flash Coordination Studies

BASS recognizes that energy efficiency has an impact on your business. Our team of seasoned electricians, engineers, and technicians are ready to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) on your electrical infrastructure. For more details about our services and program, please contact BASS Electric at or 415.295.1600.